Wisdom is for the Spirit,

which means the Health for the Body.

                                                                                -Francois de la Rochefoucauld


Let us eat and drink with Wisdom,

in order to gain the Harmony in our Life.



                  Against Corona Virus: Stay HAPPY

                                                         Eat HEALTHILY

                                                        Sleep DEEPLY

We wish our dear guests good Health!!


Take-away on 6th and 7th March 2021


Dim Sum Lunch on 7th March 2021

Our dim sum are hand- and homemade and served à la minute. In addition to the take-away and à la carte menu, we also offer a variety of additional dim sum on Sunday lunchtime. Visit our special Dim Sum menu at www.restaurant-zen.ch/english/dim-sum.


For warming up at home, we recommend a bamboo steamer, which we offer for CHF 20 per set.


Please order no later than Saturday, March 6th, 2021/12:00 a.m. so that we can buy enough fresh ingredients for your dishes.







Boiling Hot Pot Dishes for the

cold Season





I. 冬菇滑雞                       Virgin Chicken                                                                                Fr. 33.50

                                   Tender Chicken Leg pieces (without Bone)

                   with Shitake Mushroom, Spring Onion and Ginger.


J. 柱候                      Experienced Beef                                                                           Fr. 35.50

                                    Beef slices braised in a rich Sojasauce


K. 香辣羊肉                     Tricky Lamb (dangerous)                                                               Fr. 39.50

                                   Lamb stewed in a Lemongras and Chilli Sauce (spicy)


L. 海鮮豆腐煲                    Symphony of Seafood                                                                     Fr. 43.50

                                   Prawns, Cuttlefish und Fich Fillet with Tofu in Clear Stock


M. 雜菌素菜煲                   Flying Mushroom                                                                            Fr. 29.50

                                   Different Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetable cooked in

           our delicious Stock




We take care of our guests‘ health not only by adhering to the protection policy of the government. We also support the strengthening of your immune system with our high quality foods, partially from our own organic production.

In the toilets we evaporate essential oils, which can reduce the spread of viruses.

Welcome in China Restaurant ZEN

Be seduced by the magic of Asia
Let us take you on a culinary adventure to China

As part of our philosophy - the perfect harmony of body and soul - health is our first priority.

From us you can expect a healthy, low fat HONG KONG CANTONESE CUISINE in an elegant setting. We prepare our dishes with fresh, high-quality ingredients. In summer, we serve homegrown, organically cultivated vegetables from our garden.

In addition to traditional dishes like SWEET & SOUR and SPRING ROLLS, enjoy the specialities of the house - DIM SUM (Chinese snacks) and PEKING DUCK.

Our restaurant is an insiders’ tip among gourmets – a mere 15 minutes from the main station in Zurich or the station at Sihlbrugg. In addition to numerous seats in the garden and inside the restaurant, there is also a comfortable lounge.

Book a table at our popular restaurant today!
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